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A special celebration should be a memorable experience for you and your guests. Pirkle's Deli & Catering will provide exactly the inspiration and services you need. Whether it be a buffet for a family reunion or for a large reception dinner, we ensure the success of your celebration – reliably, creatively and completely in accordance with your wishes.

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At Pirkle's Deli & Catering, we are aware that experience is the key to a successful event.  Our expert Chefs and servers pay the utmost attention to every detail.  We are here to assist you in creating that special and memorable event for you and your guests.  Inspired dishes, an impeccable presentation and great service are the three things we strive to achieve.

The advantages of Pirkle's Deli & Catering

  • 20 Years of experience catering events of all sizes. 

  • Diverse and high quality cuisine customized to theme.

  • A high degree of creativity, planning & involvement.

  • Fair and transparent pricing based on market value.

  • Specialized in large, corporate events and weddings.

Pirkles Deli Floor Plan


Finding the right Catering Service for your event can be a difficult task. We are happy to help you make the right choice. Whether a backyard BBQ or a corporate luncheon, we have the experience and network to make your event a unique and exceptional experience for all of your guests.


A wonderful party will live on in your memory. That is why we not only offer a multifaceted menu as a service for the Cedartown, Rome, and surrounding areas, but we also provide the organizational talent, wait staff and equipment for a near flawless event. Whether a family celebration at home or a large event in a rented location of your choice, our experienced team will develop the right culinary theme and oversee all the details to make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

Pirkles Deli Cake Specialist, Dessert Table


When you are in this business as long as we have, you make a lot of friends and build strong relationships with very talented people.  We strive to work alongside with only the best and the experienced and we are lucky to have them apart of our extended working family!  We have an abundance of resources to help put the finishing touches on your event.  If you need help finding other services, we will gladly recommend a cake specialist, a venue and a bartending service to help facilitate a wonderful and personalized event that meets the needs of our clients.


We understand that your event is unique. Please contact us for additional information and to speak with one of our catering personnel.

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